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Importance for details means
not considering them as such.


+iso is a dynamic technical structure born on June 2011 and driven by the intent of bringing a generational leap both sides of lighting consulting and product lighting design. Our vision is to be "more sensitive to light" aiming to capture and emphasize those details too often neglected.

+iso addresses to designers, architectural firms and companies whose intent is to develop cutting edge products and solutions. +iso offers a wide portfolio of services from lighting planning to product engineering and prototypes development, from energy-saving studies to software development for lighting anaylsis, optical simulations and custom tools integration for CAD & DCC applications.

+iso, on the strength of its consolidate experience in the OLED lighting field, also constantly supports the most important OLED manufacturers and OLED-based lighting product manufacturers to promote this breakthrough technology and successfully deploy revolutionary lighting solutions.

Lighting Consulting

According to the need of a new comprehensive approach in designing, delivering and managing new SSL lighting solution scenarios, +iso offers a set of lighting consulting services to enable qualitative lighting planning, cost-effective SSL retrofit implementation and turn-key lighting project management.


OLED.Support.2.Market (OS2M) is the branch addressed to OLED manufacturers, distributors, technology integrators, lighting designers approaching to the OLED lighting arena or already investing in this technology field. By accomplishing multidisciplinary tasks and deploying a flexible customer-oriented approach, +iso offers best-in-class competences with regard to training, to approach the market and to the technical side in order to carry out globally successful OLED lighting projects.

Products & Prototypes

Rooted on a strong mechanical engineering background, supported by top-notch competences on high-end CAD and CAE systems and grown-up by working side-by-side with world-known  enterprises, +iso is the proper partner to design, engineer and prototype ideas.


+iso is committed to develop plug-in and standalone applications to enhance integration with top-notch rendering and lighting analysis solutions and increase user's productivity. A deep understanding of advanced CG and VFX topics laying on a strong technical lighting background, is the development activity founding element.

SSL Consultation start from European Community

On past December the 15th the EU Community has started the public consultation to accelerate the lighting technology deployment in EU. As reported on the official site it targets to lighting professionals, lighting industries as well as side-related industries in order to start debates and new discussions on future lighting improvements concerning inorganic and organic LEDs and to propose new policies for ligthing standard adoptions. The consultation will end on February 29th 2012. +iso will take part to the consultation in order to provide its experience as well as its suggestions for a better deployment process toward new lighting solutions.

Dec 21

The 30x30cm flexbile OLED from HOLST

Definitively one bright news is coming from the HOLST Center. Last July, at the OLED Design Summit in London, they held a presentation speaking about the improvement on the flexbile OLED Technology the center was achieving. The video posted on their youtube channel confirms definitively their running their prototypes into something more than interesting.

Nov 17

The labme adventure

We are glad to highlight that on past October the labme group has "seen" the light. labme is an open source design platform, technologized by OSRAM, for the innovative usage of OLEDs through a creative exchange paradigm. The group has already disclosed on the site numerous ideas depicting the revolutionary applications of the OLED lighting technology. There are no formal or conceptual standards here because everything is admissible assuming for each entry its own timescale. More information at labme.net.

Nov 11

Efficient flexible OLED from OSRAM

OSRAM has announced that a new flexible OLED with an efficiency of 32 lm/W has been developed in their laboratories. The device, which belongs to the top-emitting device group, is based on a thin steel foil with a thickness of roughly 0,1 mm and a luminance value of 1000nits. No data have been yet disclosed about device's lifetime.


UPDATE - OSRAM press-release on this topic is available at this link

Nov 11

Welcome to the notepad

Dear Visitor,

welcome reading the first post in our notepad. Thinking of a place to share, save and get  comments on our ideas, feelings and projects, we have imagined this space.
Here we'll publish news on what we're thinking on, where and what we are lurking in, our comments & impressions from events, shows, fairs we've been visited or we're going to. We like  to share our thoughts but, most important, we'd like to hear from you.


Thanks for your time and enjoy!

Sep 19