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RhinoThearos (later on referred as RT) is a software plug-in designed & developed by +iso to bridge the existing gap between the Thea Render© engine and Rhinoceros 3D©.
Developed 100% in C++ and using the latest Rhino RDK routines, RT has been designed to bring an advanced front-end in Rhino offering the whole set of scene setup tools available in Thea.
The core exporting engine has been developed to guarantee compliance with the native Rhino tools by properly exporting nested blocks, hierarchical groups structures and layers definition in order to ease the user experience through the adoption of  this tools in his strengthened workflow. RhinoThearos also integrates a standard native Thea Material Editor to create, edit and even import/export native Thea's material in order to ensure a flexible material editing tool directly connected to the render engine.
RT supports multiple material definition over mesh, multiple UV set over primitive and multiple texture preview in OpenGL viewport to provide a flexible mapping feedback solution for advanced users.
RT also provides full support the Rhino standard camera and, through advanced parameters, the whole missing set of Thea native camera.

+iso is currently developing the application therefore the feature list and the implemented functions are subject to continuous updates. Fresh news on these updates are available both on the Rhino forum in the Thea Render website as well as on this channels. RT is available for Rhino 4.x under x86 platform (32bit architecture) and is compatible with Rhino 5.x Beta. It can be downloaded directly from the official Thea website at this link. At the end of Rhino 5.x Beta period, RT will be also available for 64bit architectures.

Thea render is a state-of-the-art biased/unbiased renderer with a rich set of innovative features, a powerful material system and its own all-in-one scene editing front-end. Actively developed by Solid Iris Technologies it has a growing user-base from arch-viz to visual FX attracted by a versatile engine and an innovative Interactive Rendering real-time preview mode.

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